Intelligent Solutions - Endless Possibilities

Ballast is uniquely skilled at developing sophisticated, custom-built software. We are comprised of academics, and coders with a background in the education industry. We think of coding as craft, and take serious pride in developing software that is: thoughtfully designed, secure, elegant, durable, modern, and always feature best-practices and the latest technologies.


Like a ship's ballast, we stay out of sight, but offer the stability to navigate and plan. We integrate with your website, and make simple solutions for complicated events.

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Manage membership, participants, exhibitors, and more with intuitive, integrated storefronts.

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Custom scheduling applications that follow YOUR rules - ideal for large breakout schedules.

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Everything Else, In One Place

Database management from your home site. Integrated emailers. Name badges, participant mobile apps, and whatever else you need.


Stability Begins With You

It's simple. Ballast starts with you. We will maximize what you do and build a bridge forward to reach your goals. Stop renting "one-size-fits-most" services from multiple vendors, only to find that you still aren't saving time or money. Your project is unique, and you deserve tools that work for you.

  • YOU: Come as you are. Tell us about your needs.
  • US: We listen, communicate, and then build.
  • TOGETHER: Together we create a partnership that will help reach your goal.

we specialize in:

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Interactive Design

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Creative Thinking

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Apps Design

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Contact us and together we can create the tools and software that your project needs. We'll work with you to build your tools a la carte or as a complete package.

Rhode Island (US)