Intelligent Solutions - Endless Possibilities

At Ballast, we know that every conference is as unique as its planner.

We offer custom database solutions tailored to your unique situation, saving you time and money. We develop website applications to streamline your event from beginning to end: calls for sessions and review, abstract collections and review, registration campaigns, exhibitor sales, and other conference planning tasks.

Ballast is stability, so you can start moving forward


Like a ship's ballast, we stay out of sight, but offer the stability to navigate and plan. We integrate with your website, and make simple solutions for complicated events.

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Manage membership, participants, exhibitors, and more with intuitive, integrated storefronts.

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Custom scheduling applications that follow YOUR rules - ideal for large breakout schedules.

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Everything Else, In One Place

Database management from your home site. Integrated emailers. Name badges, participant mobile apps, and whatever else you need.


Stability Begins With You

It's simple. Ballast starts with you. We will maximize what you do and build a bridge forward to reach your goals. Stop renting "one-size-fits-most" services from multiple vendors, only to find that you still aren't saving time or money. Your conference is unique, and you deserve tools that work for you.

  • YOU: Come as you are. Tell us about your needs.
  • US: We listen, communicate, and then build.
  • TOGETHER: Together we create a partnership that will help you weather every convention cycle.
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    Databases that

    • Abolish cross-referencing: Registration, meet membership. Membership, meet your conference papers. Everyone's data can finally get along.
    • Store sensitive information securely: Mailing lists, payment information, and even your first pet's name will be safe from prying eyes.
    • Export seamlessly: Mail merges are the worst. And the best. We get it.
    • Integrate easily: Up-to-the-second accuracy for email tools, membership web pages, and dynamic online programs.
    • Scale Up and Scale Down: If you've ever planned a kid's birthday party, you'll get why we offer small event services too. Large events grow larger with Ballast. Kids' parties become slightly less insane. But only slightly.
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    Websites and Applications that

    • Allow member interaction: Give your participants the tools to enter their own conference data. You'll enjoy the new free time and being blame-free for typos.
    • Display real-time data: Last-second program changes can be drama free. Your mobile app and website programs are always-already up-to-date.
    • Recognize conference administrators: Custom administrative privileges for you, your board, and your staff means that now everyone can help. As it should be.
    • Handle academic conferences with ease: Collect, review, and accept/decline abstracts through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
    • Promote your members: Online bios, member hyperlinks, and anything your members can dream up -- we are here to support all forms of shameless self-promotion.
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    Online Storefronts that

    • Eliminate pass-through gateway costs. We're looking at you, Eventbrite and RegOnline. Seriously - you keep more of your money when you have your own management software.
    • Sell memberships and registration jointly and/or independently.
    • Offer conditional logic: You can automate the logic that controls what your customers see. We'll give you the tools, you decide what's logical. We trust you.
    • Sell limited stock items: Only so many seats at the table? Ticketing events made easy.
    • Allow for custom discount codes: Fixed amounts, percentages, and custom discount codes that can be as creative as you like.
    • Integrate seamlessly and securely: Keep your customers right where you want them - safe and sound at your website.
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    Scheduling tools that

    • Knows that you're the boss: Yes, it's automated, but you're still the boss. Anchor particular events in a time/space slot, block off slots for later use, move and adjust events however you like.
    • Eliminate errors: We know it's impossible to be in two places at one time. Our scheduler makes sure you never have to try.
    • Affiliates sessions automatically: Some ideas just naturally belong together.
    • Match breakout sizes to session sizes: If there's "chapel" in the name of one of your breakout rooms, this tool will be your savior.
    • Streamline media session scheduling: Don't spend an extra penny on AV charges.
    • Group disciplines by room: Want to keep the researchers away from the engineers? We get it. You can automate how disciplines are scheduled into the breakouts.
    • Prioritize popular times: No one wants to attend a session at lunchtime. You can minimize unpopular time-slot usage.
    • Associate tracks with session types: The length of your sessions and their purposes can vary. This scheduler gets that. Like really, really gets it.
    • Reports back on its performance: Sometimes even the best schedule is not ideal. With our scheduler, you'll see how the scheduler scored on your hierarchy of needs.
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    Email tools that

    • Facilitate communication delivery: No more high-usage time-outs, and steer clear of the spam folder!
    • Stay true to your brand: Polished and consistent, your emails will always look as good as you, or us ten years ago.
    • Find your target audience: Whether it's a ten thousand member mailing list, or the ten who signed up for Thursday's workshop, you can can find the people you want to email.
    • Merge easily: Whether you want to incorporate their personal agenda, their preferred nickname, or their session information, if you can dream it, this tool can merge it.


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Derick Ariyam

Chief Technical / Co-Founder

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Michael Becker

Chief Architect / Co-Founder

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Contact us and together we can create the tools that your conference needs--whether that be for collecting membership data, soliciting and reviewing event proposals and/or abstracts, selling memberships and conference registration, scheduling events, or other processes. We'll work with you to build your tools a la carte or as a complete package.

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